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Tour guide system
UAB Mano turas


Tour guide system

Joint Stock Company ‘Mano Turas’ offers a new piece of equipment which is getting more popular among both guides and tourists a guide system. Due to the fact it is not yet widely used in Lithuania we can claim that it is a peculiar newness in Lithuanian tourism industry. This unbelievably convenient piece of equipment ensures that guides work with pleasure and secures complete comfort for tourists. Thanks to the Guide System all excursions’ participants can listen to the guide on a bigger distance and the noise of the city does not distract tourists’ attention. That's why excursions become more diverting and memorable. The Guide System consists ofa wireless transmitter with a microphone and wireless receivers with one-time-use headphones for each excursion’s participant. We call you to test this extraordinary piece of equipment when organizing excursions or taking distanced trips.